How to hard-cook eggs
Place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan. Add cold water to cover eggs by 1 inch. Heat just to boiling. Remove from heat. Cover pan. Let eggs stand in hot water 15 minutes for large eggs (12 minutes for medium eggs; 18 minutes for extra large). Cool under cold running water; eggs are easiest to peel right after cooling. To peel a hard-cooked egg: Gently tap egg on countertop until shell is finely crackled all over. Roll egg between hands to loosen shell. Starting peeling at large end, holding egg under cold running water to help ease the shell off.

Providence - Second Annual Earth Day Spring Cleaning

Little Rhody Foods was a proud sponsor of the Partnership for Providence Parks' Second Annual Earth Day Spring Cleaning. Click here to see a copy of the thank you letter from the Mayor of Providence, Angel Tavares.


Great news!

You will find our original line of Little Rhody Eggs back in their recyclable, corrugated egg cartons.
Our goal is to have these earth-friendly cartons back on the shelves by April 20th, just in time for Easter!
Our premium line of Little Rhody Natural eggs are still available in their plastic, recyclable containers.


News for coffee milk

Coffee Milk: The Rhode Island Specialty Fueled By Autocrat Syrup
The Huffington Post | By Rebecca Orchant
Posted: 02/22/2013 9:24 am EST

"Coffee milk is the official state drink of Rhode Island. No, seriously, it was made official in 1993."

Roger Williams Park Zoobilee
Little Rhody Foods had a "zootastic" time serving up delicious Dels® Lemonade to thirsty guests at the Roger Williams' Park Zoo's (RWPZ) Zoobilee event on June 30th. Tangerine Orange, one of the newest flavors, was one of the most popular treats of the evening!
Zoobilee is one of RWPZ's major fundraisers and Little Rhody Foods has been a proud sponsor for the past several years.